Atalanta and Allegrini always together

Partnership agreement till 2022 as a Gold Sponsor

Atalanta BC and Allegrini S.p.A would like to announce a partnership agreement that confirms the bond between these two brands for the current and next season. Starting from today, Allegrini enters officially the Gold Sponsors list of Atalanta BC.

The partnership agreement renews the bond between the manufacturer of detergents and cosmetics for the professional sector and the Nerazzurro club: indeed, during the 2018-2019 championship, Allegrini had been Official Licensee of the Atalanta BC Brand for an exclusive line of room fragrances dedicated to the team.

The common denominator linking Atalanta to Allegrini, besides being two brands strongly bonded with Bergamo and the local territory, is, moreover, the constant investment in the growth of young resources, in the development of their talents and in their cultural integration, while respecting individuality and team spirit.

Maurizio Allegrini, CEO of Allegrini S.p.A. comments on the agreements reached: “I’ve always believed that, in business as in sport, especially in football, games are played on a common ground: the success is the result of teamwork, of the mission shared by the whole team in which the role of the individual is enhanced in relation to that of every other element of the team. Professional growth and sporting commitment also share the same values: motivation, tenacity and ambition while respecting the roles, the rules and the strategies of the group. For Allegrini, all the values linked to the team, the skills applied on the field and the ambitious drive to achieve increasingly challenging goals are fundamental”.

Luca Percassi, CEO of Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio, renews his welcome to Allegrini in the world of Atalanta: “It’s a pleasure to count an important and prestigious brand like Allegrini among our partners. Forging a partnership also means sharing objectives and strategies, each in its own sector, and consolidating means sharing the same values. Atalanta’s relationship with Allegrini has grown over time, giving both brands great satisfaction, a collaboration that can only continue to improve”.


Founded in 1945, Allegrini is present with its products in more than 47 countries around the world, and today is a leading chemical company in Italy in the production of professional detergents and cosmetics for the hotel industry.

In particular, the Detergents Business Units addresses different targets: hotels, automotive world, professional laundry, the zootechnics sector, including the entire agri-food chain, commercial and collective catering, shipping companies, boats, the safety sector and the health, sanitary and hospital sector.

The Cosmetics Business Unit produces and supplies standard and luxury courtesy lines, both under its own brand and private labels, for the entire hotel industry, as well as cosmetics and room fragrancies for the wellness sector.

Among its most noteworthy products is the Primagel Plus hand disinfectant gel, launched in the early 2000s and registered with the Ministry of Health as a Surgical Medical Device (P.M.C. Reg. Min. Salute n° 18761).

Allegrini S.p.A. employs over 130 people and its turnover exceeded 38 million euro in 2020. The headquarters is located in Grassobbio (BG) and covers an area of  47,730 square metres, occupying 350 m of the A4 motorway frontage.

The company also has a branch in Moscow, an important logistics hub.

You can find any further information, on their official website.

  • 11/03/2021
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