Atalanta & the Group Sesaab still together

For four more seasons

Atalanta BC and the Group Sesaab, which is editor, among others, of L’Eco di Bergamo, Bergamo Tv and Radio Alta, are pleased to announce the extension of their sponsorship for four more seasons, starting from the current one. The Group Sesaab continues to be one of the Gold Sponsors of the Club.

Massimo Cincera, President of the Group Sesaab: “We are very satisfied with this agreement. It’s a relationship that has lasted for many years, which began with Elio Corbani. It is an honour for our group to continue this collaboration with Atalanta. Also because there are fewer and fewer icons in Bergamo: one of them is L’Eco di Bergamo and the other is Atalanta. The contract will cover all our media: newspaper, web, TV, radio and all other media to bring Atalanta and its results to the homes of the people of Bergamo and we are proud of this”.

Luca Percassi, CEO of Atalanta BC: “We are delighted to renew this partnership, as obviously L’Eco di Bergamo and Bergamo Tv are extraordinary points of reference for Atalanta and all the Bergamaschi. We are two great entities of this territory, each for its part, and we are happy to make this journey together. Bergamo is Atalanta and we know how much people enjoy Atalanta, also thanks to L’Eco di Bergamo, Bergamo TV, Radio Alta and the other media. We try to make the story beautiful, positive and to talk constructively about it”.

  • 06/04/2021
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  • L'Eco di Bergamo