CEO Luca Percassi’s statement

On the Super League matter

Before the usual pre-match press conference of Gian Piero Gasperini, Atalanta CEO Luca Percassi spoke about the Super League matter and then answered the journalists’ questions.

Here are the statements of the Nerazzurri CEO: “Allow me to talk about what is happening these days. Allow me to talk about what is happening these days. As Atalanta, we believe that the values of meritocracy are the democratic foundations of sport and football in particular. The dream of a club, of its fans, must be supported by solid, ethical and economic foundations. The recent words of UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin certify the work of this club. “The UEFA competitions need the stories of teams like Atalanta, Celtic, Rangers, Dinamo Zagreb, Galatasaray. We need these clubs, people need to know that anything is possible. That everyone has a chance to win. The great clubs of today have not always been and there’s no guarantee that they will be in the future. Football is dynamic and unpredictable. This makes it such a great game”. These words are not an arrival point for Atalanta but a further reason to share sporting, ethical and economic values. Atalanta, respecting the historical values that each club has, believe that it supports meritocratic and supportive concepts. The dream must remain alive, that is the idea”.

  • 21/04/2021
  • Luca Percassi