Cristina Bombassei: “We believe in youth”

The words of Gruppo Brembo's CSR

“I’m proud to be in Zingonia today to officialise the renewal of the collaboration with the Youth Sector of Atalanta. Brembo has been close to the Nerazzurri Academy for some years now because we strongly believe in the social importance of professional and competitive sport for the education of the young people”.

These were the first words of Cristina Bombassei, the Corporate Social Responsibility of the Gruppo Brembo, commenting on the renewal of the partnership with the Nerazzurro club for the next two seasons.

“In my role as the CSR Director – Corporate Social Responsibility – of Gruppo Brembo, I would like to renew this collaboration between our two companies because I strongly believe in the educational, cultural and sport values that distinguish young people since their early age so that they can become champions on and off the pitch. Our President Alberto Bombassei and I would like to congratulate the whole Atalanta on the achievements of the First Team and the Youth Teams. Atalanta – continued Bombassei – represent the excellence of the territory of Bergamo that is capable of providing growth and education in the best possible way for their own talents and most of them have already become successful players of the First team and of other top European teams. Let’s not forget that Atalanta are the first team in the Italian Youth Sector ranking and the seventeenth in the European rankings. These are particularly significant results for our territory”.

Despite being international excellence, Brembo never forgets its roots, Bergamo. 

“Brembo and Atalanta represent two solid and excellent companies of Bergamo who support each other in different ways and different sectors on a common“playing field” to promote common values such as team spirit, loyalty, sacrifice, education, taste for challenge and support of talents”.

Brembo is celebrating an important achievement this year. 

“Our company is celebrating the 60th anniversary this year, which is a very important achievement for us and which makes us proud of how much we’ve done for our territory, for our country and the whole automotive industry. We have more than 12.000 employees all over the world, 3.000 of whom come from our province, the territory where our Italian industrial settlements and the general headquarters of Brembo are located, as part of the ‘Kilometro Rosso’. Like Atalanta – the Corporate Social Responsibility of the Gruppo Brembo concluded -, we also rely on the new generations, on the ones who can contribute to enriching personally and professionally our Gruppo Brembo with their enthusiasm, determination and competency”.

  • 21/04/2021
  • Brembo
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