Pašalić is the POTM for May!

José Luis Palomino behind him

It is time to name the final player of the month of the season: Luis Muriel has to make way for Mario Pašalić in May! The Croatian midfielder thus crowned a record-breaking season, winning the award of ItalianOptic Player of the Month for May.

The perfect late equaliser against Salernitana, and a snooker shot that secured the win away to Spezia: two goals and lots and lots of quality plays and performance allowed Mario Pašalić to be chosen as the ItalianOptic Player of the Month by the Atalanta fans. The past month has been the icing on the cake of a fantastic season on a personal level for Mario: with 13 goals, he has earned himself the title of Nerazzurri’s top scorer in the league, as well as in the season (14 goals, the same as Muriel); furthermore, his 13 league goals put him in third place among the most prolific midfielders in Europe, behind only the likes of De Bruyne and Nkunku.

Facing Pašalić, in the hard-fought head-to-head final was José Luis Palomino: our applause to the Argentine defender, who was able to maintain a high level of performance. Always ready to intercept, always flawless while marking: El Jefe deserves our warmest congratulations.

Cheers to Palomino and our heartfelt congratulations to Mario on the award!

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  • 28/05/2022
  • Mario Pašalić
  • Player of the Month
  • ItalianOptic