Primavera TIMVISION Cup through to last 8

After beating Cagliari 8-7

In the 2021-2022 Primavera TIMVISION Cup 2021-2022 round of 16, Atalanta beat Cagliari after the penalty shootout at the Bortolotti Training Centre in Zingonia and qualify for the quarterfinals.

The first half was balanced, as both sides had attempts on target. However, the deadlock was only broken in the 43rd minute by Lozza, who intercepted a back pass and fired in between the post and the goalkeeper. Tramoni then equalised on 78 minutes with an overhead kick but the Nerazzurri almost restored their lead on 89 minutes through Oliveri, whose free-kick bounced off the post. Regulation time was over and extra time kicked off, in which Cagliari went down to 10 men after Del Pupo was sent off. After a few efforts from Atalanta, Giovane made it 2-1 with a great header into the corner. The match seemed to be put to bed but Desogus brought Cagliari level with 3 minutes left and that resulted in a penalty shootout. After the first five penalties, Giovani’s spot-kick was off target but Sassi pulled off an excellent save to beat Kourfalidis’ penalty away. Finally, De Nipoti did not make any mistake and Carboni fired over the decisive penalty.

ATALANTA 8-7 CAGLIARI after the penalty shootout
(1-1 after regulation time, 2-2 after extra time)

Scorers: Lozza 43 (A), Tramoni 78 (C), Giovane 114 (A), Desogus 117 (C).

Penalty shoot-out: Renault (A) goal, Desogus (C) goal, Panada (A) goal, Obert (C) goal, Scalvini (A) goal, Cavuoti (C) goal, Oliveri (A) goal, Yanken (C) goal, Pagani (A) goal, Tramoni (C) goal, Giovane (A) saved, Kourfalidis (C) saved, De Nipoti (A) goal, Carboni (A) off target.

Atalanta: Sassi, Del Lungo (Cittadini 77), Zuccon, Scalvini, Sidibe (Giovane 62), Oliveri, Chiwisa (Panada 46), Fisic (De Nipoti 62), Regonesi, Bernasconi (Renault 46), Lozza (Pagani 1 extra time). Unused bench: Bertini, Ceresoli, Cittadini, Mediero, Muhameti, Omar, Berto. Coach: Massimo Brambilla.

Cagliari: D’Aniello, Zallu (Cavuoti 4 extra time), Obert, Iovu (Palomba 46), Kourfalidis, Manca (Yanken 59), Masala (Tramoni 59), Carboni, Schirru (Del Pupo 66), Pulina (Desogus 49), Secci. Unused bench: Lolic, Conti, Vitale, Vinciguerra, Astrand, Cavuoti, Sulis. Coach: Alessandro Agostini.

Referee: Luigi Catanoso from Reggio Calabria (assistants Gilberto Laghezza from Mestre and Paolo Tomasi from Schio).

Notes: coach Agostini (C) was sent off on 71 minutes for dissent and Del Pupo (C) was sent off on 10 minutes of extra time; Sidibe (A), Zuccon (A), Panada (A), Giovane (A), Iovu (C), Desogus (C) booked.

  • 01/12/2021
  • Men's Primavera
  • Atalanta-Cagliari
  • Primavera 1 TIMVISION