Sport & Nutrition: the event branded Dole Italy

The meeting with Atalanta's Nutritionist and Chef

The meeting promoted by Dole Italia – Official Healthy Food Sponsor of Atalanta B.C.’s first team – and titled “Alimentazione e attività fisica: una sinergia fondamentale” (“Training and nutrition: a key synergy”) took place today at the conference room of the “Accademia Mino Favini-Vedrai Lab” with Dennis Dell’Unto and Gabriele Calvi (respectively Nutritionist and Chef of Atalanta B.C.).

Nutrition and training go hand in hand with the well-being of all people at every age: Dole Italia, always attentive to a healthy lifestyle, cared to delve deeper into the topic together with the two Atalanta professionals: being our bodies perfect machines, the proper blend between a healthy diet and a routine workout are key assets in promoting and maintaining an optimal state of health both short-term and long-term.

In the age of development, when the whole body transitions from childhood into adulthood, this synergy takes on an even more relevant dimension – also due to such a radical complete overhaul not solely entailing a somatic sphere, but also influencing the psychological and behavioural dimension.

“To sustain muscular development in athletes, the intake of iron-rich foods – for instance, lean meat, fish, pulses, dark-green vegetables, nuts and cereals – plays a key role. As for the growth of skeletal mass, it is also advisable to take a daily surplus of both phosphorus and iron (amounting to, at least, 1,200 mg/day)”. These the words of Dennis dell’Unto, Nutritionist of Atalanta B.C.

Broadly speaking, an athlete’s diet must be varied and follow along the framework of the Mediterranean diet: as also recommended by the WHO, never should daily victuals be lacking in fruit and vegetable – rich in easily digestible nutrients, fibres, vitamins, minerals and sugars, these foods provide all the energy to tackle the everyday hustle and bustle. “Not only are these foods pleasing on the eye and taste thanks to their colours and flavours, but they also bolster the well-being of each and every single person. At Dole, as we pride ourselves on having always endorsed, through a playful and joyful strategy, the daily consumption of fresh fruit it is of utmost importance, in our view, to promote how to appreciate it best and highlight the underlying countless benefits ever since a tender age” stated Cristina Bambini, Head of Marketing at Dole Italy.

  • 16/05/2023
  • Dole
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