Youth fixtures

The Academy’s schedule (16-17/10)

The weekend's fixtures

It will be a weekend rich in encounters. All the Nerazzurri youth teams will be competing in their respective championships. It will start with Saturday’s fixture of the Primavera coached by Brambilla that will host Lecce at 11 CEST at the Bortolotti Training Centre. Another six matches are scheduled for Sunday. Bosi’s Under-18 team will play in the away fixture at Inter at 15 CEST while the other teams will take the field in Zingonia: Fioretto’s Under-17 team will take on Venezia at 15 CEST and Lorenzi’s Under-16 team will face Milan at 15:30 CEST. Gambirasio’s Under-15 team will also play against Milan at 11 CEST. As for women’s teams, both Frigerio’s Under-17 team and De Maria’s Under-15 team will have away fixtures. The former will compete at Riozzese at 10.30 CEST, the latter at Monterosso at 10:15 CEST.

Considering the reduced capacity of the stands in compliance with anti-Covid19 protocols, the stands have a limited number of seats. Therefore, access to the matches at the Bortolotti Training Centre will be allowed only to accredited individuals.

16/1011.00 CESTPrimaveraAtalanta-LecceC.S. Bortolotti, Europa 46, Zingonia-Ciserano (BG)
17/1010.15 CESTU15s WMonterosso-AtalantaC.S. Comunale, via Acquaderni, Bergamo
17/1010.30 CESTU17s WRiozzese-AtalantaC.S. Comunale, via IV Novembre, Riozzo-Cerro al Lambro (MI)
17/1011.00 CESTU15s MAtalanta-MilanC.S. Bortolotti, Europa 46, Zingonia-Ciserano (BG)
17/1015.00 CESTU18sInter-AtalantaSuning YDC, via Sbarbaro 5/7, Milano
17/1015.00 CESTU17s MAtalanta-VeneziaC.S. Bortolotti, Europa 46, Zingonia-Ciserano (BG)
17/1015.30 CESTU16s MAtalanta-VeneziaC.S. Bortolotti, Europa 46, Zingonia-Ciserano (BG)
  • 15/10/2021
  • Men's Primavera
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