U23s, Francesco Modesto: “We couldn’t be prouder of the team”

The coach's post-match debriefing

As the Nerazzurri imposed themselves 1-0 over Catania at the Angelo Massimino stadium in the return game of the National Stage’s Round 1, here is Francesco Modesto’s take on the game:

“Tonight we were in for one of the most demanding moments of the season, especially given the fiery and boisterous stage we had to play on and considering that this match was the turning point of the Round 1 tie. We’ve been brave, we showed the right attitude: in short, this game was a coming-of-age test and the lads passed it with flying colours. Not only did they shrug off the stage fright of such an imposing stadium, but they also managed to call the tune against one of the staples of Italian football such as Catania. While I rue not having made it to the next round, I still cherish how they went all out and left nothing in the tank until the last whistle: it’s a token of how much they cared about it. I’m pleased with the progress we’ve made throughout the season. I also wish to acknowledge the whole staffing, the board and all the people who, by working hard behind the scenes, have given a key contribution to all our milestones.”

“Today the strikers have created plenty of goal chances- the black-and-blue coach added. Sure, we might have left some opening in the second half, but we couldn’t have done otherwise given how strong the lads pushed. Up until the very last seconds, no matter the cramps they just kept pushing. I couldn’t be prouder of them.”

In his closing remarks coach Modesto underscored how: “The seasonal balance it’s positive, how could it be otherwise? The lads always stood their ground and came into their own. Their path is further proof of the unquestionable value of Atalanta’s Youth Sector, which comes as no surprise; but still, it surely bears repeating.”

  • 18/05/2024
  • Francesco Modesto
  • Under 23