The Ticket Purchase is bound by the obligation of taking note and accepting:

  • the terms and conditions of buying the tickets;
  • the regulations on the use of the Stadium;
  • the Privacy Law;
  • the Regulatory Code.


It should be noted that in relation to the provisions of the Decree of the Minister of the Interior 6/6/2005, the ticket is registered under the name of the purchaser and, therefore, at the time of the purchase it is necessary to present a valid identity document or its copy.
With a view to avoid long cues to ticket office of the Stadium in Viale Giulio Cesare on matchday, THE SUPPORTERS ARE INVITED TO PROVIDE THEMSELVES WITH TICKETS IN THE PRESALE PHASE: the current legislation on registration the tickets under the name of a purchaser have prolonged the time of issuing of the tickets.
The dates and the time of the events indicated on the tickets are only approximative and may be subject to modifications on the bases of the dispositions communicated in some cases by the Lega Serie A.
For organisational reasons and/or for the reasons of public order, the tickets to some competitions may be purchased exclusively by the holders of a physical DEA CARD.
Moreover, it should be noted that the ticket office in Piazzale Goisis is closed to public.


The SPECIAL RATE FOR CHILDREN* – i.e. tickets free of charge for children – was introduced by the Club (in accordance with the Decree Law Nr.41 of 04/04/2007 art. 11) and is applicable to the following sectors:


To pick up the ticket the adult shall OBLIGATORILY PRESENT THE VALID IDENTITY DOCUMENT of the minor and/or the SANITARY CARD of the minor.

We would also like to remind that the purchase of the tickets implies agreeing to the regulations on the use of the facility (it is possibile to take notice of it in the dedicated section in the column here on the right).

The tickets can be picked up only and exclusively at the Ticket office of the Stadium in Viale Giulio Cesare on the days and at the hours that shall be communicated at the same time of the publication of the rates related to the home match of the team.

*Initiative with limited seats and subject to restrictions


In accordance with the guidelines of the Minister of the Interior – National Authority of the Public Security 14/08/2009 and according to the guidelines approved by the National Observatory on Sport Events with indications Nr. 29 of 05/07/2010, Nr. 34 of 25/08/2010 and Nr.35 of 02/09/2010.

In respect of the PROTOCOL OF UNDERSTANDING stipulated by the Minister of the Interior, the C.O.N.I., the F.I.G.C. (the Italian Football Federation), the Lega Serie A, the Lega Serie B and the Lega Pro in Rome on the 21st of June 2011.

With the Note of the Minister of the Interior on the 4th of August 2017, in accordance with indications of the WHO Nr. 24/2011 of the 19th July 2011, Nr. 26/2012 of the 30th 2012, Nr. 22/2014.

Communications/limitations related to the sale of tickets in the Visiting Supporters’ sector:
In respect of the note of the Minister of the Interior – National Authority of Public Security of the 4th August 2017 that provides that, from the rules regarding the sale of tickets, it can be authorised immediately as follows:

The card holders that are residents in the region of the origine of the visiting team do not need a Fidelity Card to purchase the pass to any sector of the Stadium. Only in case of matches at risk the limitations can be imposed to the Fidelity Card holders by the Observatory.
The card holders that are residents in the region different from the one of origine of the Visiting Team do not need the Fidelity Card to purchase tickets for the Visiting Supporters’ Sector, (except for specific limitations imposed by the Observatory in case of matches at risk, it will not be allowed to change the name under which the ticket was registered).

The certified capacity of the Visiting Supporters’ Sector is of 2.262 seats.
When entering the Stadium, the ticket and the identity document shall be presented, in addition to the Fidelity Card. These dispositions are of general nature. Further specific dispositions shall be noted in relation to the single events.

The dates and times of the events indicated on the tickets are approximative and may be subject to modifications on the basis of the dispositions communicated on some occasions by the Lega Serie A.


The access and the stay in the area of the Stadium is expressly subject to the implicit acceptance by the spectators of these Rules and the regulations imposed by the FIFA, by the UEFA, by the Lega Nazionale Professionisti FIGC (National Professionals League of the Italian Football Association), by Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio S.p.A. and by the Public Security Authorities. Entering the Stadium determines the acceptance of the present Regulations.

By the Stadium the Regulations refer to the whole interior structure including the areas of property and use of the Club.
By the Club the Regulations refer to Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio S.p.A.
By the event the Regulations refer to each match that is held in the Stadium.