Imiberg School: video-lesson with Pasini

A meeting with the Primavera's fitness coach

Another interesting initiative in partnership with the Imiberg School, the institute in Bergamo has been Atalanta’s Educational Partner for years. Atalanta Primavera’s fitness coach, Alberto Pasini, gave a video-lesson for the third grade of Imiberg High School. Even during a time in which schools are closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and students are forced to study from home, they have devised a way to deepen interesting and preparatory topics for the course of study, by involving a professional who has made his knowledge and experience available to the children. The Imiberg School is, in fact, organising a series of meetings through video-lessons with professional figures and professional athletes of various sports to enable its students to access to a theoretical study, as they are not able to regularly perform physical activities and lessons in the gym.

“Home-training management of the youth teams and general programming of the teams during the season”, this was the theme of the lesson given by Professor Pasini, who in an hour of video with fifteen students from the third grade of high school, touched on various topics, with very technical insights: the planning of the Academy work, the “Coronavirus” situation, the training strategies and the importance of the relationship with the players, the nutritional aspects. The lesson ended with questions from students also interested in Pasini’s school-work path.

  • 30/04/2020
  • Scuola Imiberg
  • Iniziative