Affiliated companies


From Bergamo to Sicily, the Atalanta world has no boundaries and can count on many local companies spread all over Italy that help to develop an ambitious and stimulating project, making their precious contribution. The Atalanta Football Academy Project is coordinated by the Nerazzurri manager, Loris Margotto, and the methodological aspects are coordinated by Stefano Bonaccorso with the help of the trainers of the Youth Sector from the Football Academy to the Primavera. The project receives and involves many companies all over the country every year. At the moment 98 clubs have decided to join the project and enter the big Nerazzurri family to share ideas, passion, responsibilities (for further information and details about the affiliation procedure, send an email to

Starting from five Educational Centres: the Ponte San Pietro one to which the twinned clubs of the province of Bergamo refer, the Scarioni of Milan, the Dreaming Football Academy in the province of Rome, the San Giuliano in Toscany and the Baldo Junior Team in  Veneto.. These are the important points of reference for sharing and exporting a common philosophy for the development and growth of the Youth Sector. The twinned clubs of Bergamo and the affiliated companies of Lombardy, as well, and so on. The goal is to get to know each other and build closer relationships of collaboration  to grow and improve together getting continuously engaged in discussions on methodologies, programs, strategies with the help of dedicated events, such as, for example, the training courses and studying (also remote studying is possible during this period affected by the Covid-19 Emergency) with the directors and the trainers of the Youth Sector of Atalanta who share their own skills and experience with the ‘friend’ companies.

If you want to know more about the clubs that joined the project, check out the links below.


ASD Dreaming Football Academy

A.C. Ponte San Pietro S.S.D.

A.S.D. San Giuliano

S.S.D. Scarioni 1925

Baldo Junior Team;



Aurora Seriate 1967 A.S.D.

U.S. Barianese 1963

B.O.CA. Boltiere Oratorio Calcio

GSD Calcio Oratorio Cologno

Fiorine Clusone

Ghisalbese Calcio

Juvenes Gianni Radici

S.S.D. Lecce Soccer Academy

U.S. Monvico A.S.D.

A.S.D. Nova Montello

Real Calepina F.C

A.S.D. Real Metauro 2018

A.S.D. San Paolo D’Argon Calcio

US Serenella Antegnate ASD

T.E. Soccer



BERGAMO: A.S.D. Malpensata Campagnola, Orobica Calcio Bergamo;

BRESCIA: A.S.D. Virtus Aurora Travagliato

COMO: U.S.D Cacciatori delle Alpi; U.S.O. Figino Clacio; S.C. Rovellasca 1910 V.B. A.S.D.

CREMONA: Esperia Calcio A.S.D.G.S.D. Luisiana

LECCO: S.C.D. ColicoDerviese;

LODI: U.S.D. Vidardese

MILANO: SG Arese Calcio; A.S.D. Atletico BusseroU.S. Bollatese; A.S.D. Cassina Calcio; A.S.D. O.SA.L. NovateA.P.D. Paullese CalcioC.S. Romano BancoS.S.D. Sempione HalfA.S.D. U.S. Vighignolo

MONZA BRIANZA: U.S.D. Cornatese; A.C. Ardor Lazzate

PAVIA: A.S.D. Athletic PaviaF.B.C. CasteggioA.S.D. Siziano LanternaA.S.D. Union Calcio Basso Pavese

SONDRIO: Albosaggia Ponchiera A.S.D.

VARESE: U.S. BostoA.S.C.D. Torino Club



ABRUZZO: ASD Penne 1920

CALABRIA: ASD Academy Crotone; A.S.D. Life Simeri Crichi; ASD Sant’Onofrio; A.S.D. Sporting Club Corigliano;

CAMPANIA: Aquilotti Cavesi;

EMILIA ROMAGNA: G.S.P. Or. San Filippo Neri; U.S. Gossolengo PittoloA.S.D. MeldolaUS Montecchio ASDASD Pol. Comunale RiccioneUnione Polisportiva Virtus


LAZIO: A.S.D. Anzio Calcio; ASD Ariccia Football Academy; A.S.D. Infernetto; ASD Calcio Flaminia; Sporting Club Cortina A.S.D.; A.S.D. R11 Simonetta

MARCHE: A.S.D. Giovane Ancona CalcioU.S. Marotta A.S.D.;

PIEMONTE: A.S.D. Arona CalcioBorgosesia Calcio ASDU.S.D. Cannobiese 1906; A.S.D. CrescentineseUSD Gassino San Raffaele; A.S.D. Oleggio Sportiva Oleggio

PUGLIA: A.S.D. Football Academy AndriaACD Virtus Massafra; A.S.D. NitorA.S.D. Virtus Palese

SICILIA: A.S.D. Athena; S.S.D Camaro; F.C. EnnaA.S.D. Ispica AcademyASD Lentini Soccer SchoolA.S.D. LercaraASD Primavera MarsalaA.S.D. Masterpro CalcioA.S.D. MediterraneaA.S.D. Meridiana Etna Soccer , R.G. Siracusa;

TOSCANA: SSD Academy Livorno CalcioG.S.D. Montecatinimurialdo; A.S.D. Seravezza Pozzi Calcio;

UMBRIA: A.S.D. Pol. CSI Oratorio Don Bosco;

VALLE D’AOSTA: U.S.D. Pontdonnaz – Hone Arnad Evancon

VENETO: A.S.D. Calcio Alpago; Calcio Cortina; United Borgoricco Campetra; A.S.D. Vittorio Falmec S.M. Colle