The DEA CARD is the Fidelity Card for the supporters of Atalanta. It is personal and non-transferable.

The DEA CARD is the identity document of the Atalanta supporters with which they are entitled to buy a season ticket and be able to follow the Nerazzurri team in the visiting supporters’ end or/and in the other stands in all stadiums in Italy (except for the limitations established by the Public Security Authorities).

Moreover, every supporter in possession of the DEA CARD will be able to buy a ticket also in case of restrictions on the sale of tickets imposed by the Ministry or by the Observatory.

It is not necessary to be in possession of the DEA CARD to buy single tickets for the home matches (except for the limitations established by the Public Security Authorities).


Atalanta BC inform that the DEA CARD can be subscribed only online at the moment.

To subscribe to the DEA CARD click here.

At the time of the online subscription of the DEA CARD, the system will issue a PDF valid as a replacement of the card while you are waiting to receive the physical one to the address indicated in the subscription.

The PDF, therefore, temporarily replaces the DEA CARD and can be shown, even from a telephone or a tablet, to exercise your pre-emption right, subscribe to a season ticket or to buy a ticket that requires the DEA CARD.

To enter the stadium, the PDF has to be in paper format and printed in good quality.

Info for DEA CARDs about to expire

The Club inform the interested supporters that, as provided by the Observatory in regard with sporting events (resolution n. 7/2015), the DEA CARDs due to expire will be managed according to the procedures that follow.

The expiry of the validity period of the cards

Having reached the expiry date, the supporter card will no longer be active at the National Electronic Centre of the State Police. Instead, any other possible tickets uploaded on the DEA CARD remain valid.
With an expired DEA CARD it is impossible to attend the Atalanta away matches.

The validity of the documents already uploaded on the CARD
The cards expiring during the league may continue to be used exclusively as a digital support to use the season tickets or the tickets which have already been uploaded and to have access to the Stadium until they remain valid, excluding the possibility to upload other tickets.
For example, therefore, tickets for competitions whose date is after the expiry date of the Card itself may be uploaded onto the card that has not expired yet.
It is important to know that, in the event of a Ban on Access to Sporting Events, the system will also block the tickets or season tickets uploaded onto the old Card, as it is obviously subject to control.

WHO CANNOT subscribe to the Card

There is no possibility to subscribe to the Dea Card for those who will not submit or submit not all the documents required by the Rules of Participation in the Program.
Moreover, there is no possibility to subscribe to the Dea Card for those who in the last 5 years:
– were subject to the DASPO (Ban on Access to Sporting Events);
– have had convictions by a first-grade court for the “stadium” crimes or who was subject to the prevention measures (for example, special surveillance);
– have infringed o will infringe rules on the use of the Stadium.

Prices and validity

The Dea Card is valid for five years and has the price of € 20,00 (if the Dea Card is subscribed online, the commission and shipping costs to the address specified at the time of purchase are added).