Achille and Cesare Bortolotti

The Bortolotti Training Centre, the “home of Atalanta”, is a cutting-edge structure, both in structural and functional terms. Equipped with grass fields both synthetic and natural, with covered tribunes to attend the training sessions of the first team and the matches between youth teams, the Training Centre is one of the most equipped and welcoming centres and is located in a wonderful green area. It can be easily reached from the main streets of the road connections.

The evolution of the Centre

Willing to stand out for providing excellent services not only in the sport area, the Bortolotti Training Centre is becoming a meeting point, open and available for sponsors, sport clubs and companies that are in search of innovative synergies to offer cutting-edge solutions to their partners in the following areas: Sport services, health assistance, healthy eating culture, corporate training, motivational activities, team building.


7 playing fields, gyms, dressing-rooms, a restaurant, massage and physical therapy rooms, meeting halls and a spa centre, gardens and green areas.

High-quality medical centre

The Bortolotti Training Centre excels in sport medicine in Italy. There are already partnerships built with international companies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector that lead to a further development of the Centre and increase its prestige, already gained in its assistance services for the first team and for all the sportsmen of the youth academies.

Healthy eating culture

In Zingonia sport and health culture are in the air: a healthy diet is the clue to success for all the sport and work teams. The Sport Centre intends to give a role model, promoting healthy eating and nutrition culture and opening the doors to the partners and the organisations who are willing to share healthy values of sport with Atalanta B.C.