Training courses for coaches and professional figures

During the season the Youth Sector of Atalanta organizes training courses oriented towards coaches and professionals in the world of football. It is a unique and interesting opportunity to enhance the knowledge of specific arguments, training techniques and group management directly with the professionals of the Nerazzurri.

During the 2018-2019 season there were different meetings organized by Atalanta that were oriented not only towards the affiliated companies but also to all the interested in the event (there was an enrolment fee). During the meetings the participants and teachers interacted with the coaches of the competitive activity in the Youth Sector of the Nerazzurri, like Massimo Brambilla, a trainer that won the Scudetto with the Primavera. The trainers shared their knowledge and their professional experience with the participants.

The Training Courses are a useful tool for learning training methods of the Youth Sector of Atalanta, for developing new ideas and improving your teaching technique. During each meeting with the help of the slides, videoclips and practical examples on the pitch trainers suggest, illustrate and explain in the minimal detail the exercises dedicated to specific matters such as receiving the ball, getting away from your marker, one-on-one, themed training matches.

The courses do not only cover the training techniques: during the same 2018-2019 season, the advanced training courses were given by training athletes of Atalanta.

The goal is to provide the trainers with more useful tools for teaching and educating young football players.