The Atalanta Junior Cup is the first junior tournament organized by Atalanta and reserved for the affiliated companies. It is an event that has been researched and created with a purpose to bring together the companies from all of Italy that have embraced the Atalanta project and who are friends and valuable points of reference for growing together. But mostly to organise a celebration for children who are the main participants of the tournament in which the important thing is not to win but to have fun.

Many children have participated in the three editions so far that have taken place since the first tournament in 2017.  96 junior teams in total from all Italy have participated in the project in the last three years. 200 matches in total have been played in the Brembana Valley which is the venue of the event with San Pellegrino Terme as the main location to which San Giovanni Bianco and also Zogno were added through the years.

The Tournament has taken place thanks to the precious help of the Coppa Quarenghi committee that have always supported Atalanta in organizing the tournament on site and in providing accommodation for the affiliated participants.

Both the number of participants in the Junior Cup and the importance of the event have increased over the years. From 16 teams that participated in the first Edition, it arrived up to 48 teams in the 2019 Edition that was the last competition which took place before the break forced by the Covid-19 Emergency. It was a huge organisational effort, but it was rewarded with the satisfaction from seeing many children so happy and enthusiastic who had the opportunity not only to live a unique educational experience but make new friends, grow, learn and, especially have fun.