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At the forefront of this terrible health emergency, taking advantage of their great expertise in the optical sector, always maintaining a high attention to the needs of their customers and rigorously respecting the rules, in one word: ItalianOptic.

Despite the lockdown that has slowed down if not stopped the entrepreneurial activity, Stefano Chiarla and Fulvio Rizzi, the owners of ItalianOptic, have far from stopped: the desire to be able to help and contribute in such a difficult moment like the one we are experiencing took shape in the donation of new anti-fog lenses to all the healthcare staff of the Intensive Care Unit of the Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo.

“The use of the mask – Stefano Chiarla explained – involves an objective problem: glasses fog. An obstacle to vision that in this period can jeopardize the safety of doctors and nurses, who are constantly called to clean their lenses and put their hands over their eyes. We felt a strong desire to make our contribution by making our experience available to those who have never spared commitment and determination “.

Since 18 May all nine ItalianOptic stores have reopened to the public.
Six stores in Bergamo (Albino, Curno, Fontanella, Sarnico, Trescore Balneario and Zogno), two in the province of Brescia (in the city and Rezzato) and one in Milan: the professionalism of the ItalianOptic staff is at the disposal of customers who can also count on great expertise and experience. Of course, you can ask them about the anti-fog lenses.

ItalianOptic, interno negozio

The long-term partnership with Shamir, a leading company in the design and manufacture of prescription lenses, has allowed the owners of ItalianOptic to appreciate the particular anti-fog treatment (called Shamir Glacier ™ Anti-Fog).

“A treatment – Fulvio Rizzi explained – which is adaptable to all prescription lenses which, in addition to being permanent, does not require maintenance, ensuring a clear and safe vision in all circumstances. We also believe that this technology can really be useful to everyone, not only to healthcare personnel, since the use of the mask will also accompany us in the coming months “.

Professionalism and expertise, in one word ItalianOptic, Atalanta Silver Partner.

  • 28/05/2020
  • Italian Optic
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