‘Spot the difference’ with Mario Pašalić

The photos differ in 5 details: which ones?

Spot the difference, the initiative in partnership with ItalianOptic is back: two pictures which are apparently identical, actually differ for five details. The aim is to train your sight and spot them all.

While waiting for Atalanta’s return to the Gewiss Stadium for the resumption of the Serie A, in this episode we go back to the 15th of February 2020, the last home match for the Nerazzurri. After Dzeko’s opener in the first half, the second half saw Atalanta’s reaction. Palomino first, Pašalić then: result overturned. The image shows the unrestrained celebration of the Croatian midfielder after the beauty he scored just 19 seconds after coming onto the pitch.

The game

Now it’s time to test yourself: can you spot all five details?

The solution

How did it go? Did you get all five differences? In case you missed some, don’t worry, ItalianOptic is ready to help you!

Here below you can find the solution to the riddle!


  • 11/06/2020
  • Iniziative
  • Italian Optic