Social Contest Atalanta and Replay

Terms and conditions


The giveaway will take place according to the terms and conditions contained in the following paragraphs:


Paragraph 1. Promoter

The company promoting this giveaway is Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio S.p.A., a company under the laws of Italy, subject to the direction and control of Odissea S.r.l., having its registered office at Bergamo, via Paglia 1/D, Italy, and its operational offices at Ciserano – Zingonia (BG), Corso Europa 46, Italy, fiscal code no. 80000130163, Vat no. 00699780169 (hereinafter “Atalanta”).


Paragraph 2. Type of event

Giveaway of minimal value, and therefore not subject to the Italian decree DPR of 26 October 2001 no.430.


Paragraph 3. Duration

This event takes place from 20 April 2022 till 30 April 2022


Paragraph 4. Territory



Paragraph 5. Participation in the Event

Participation in the event implies the unconditional and total acceptance by the participant of the rules and clauses contained in these regulations, without limitation.

Participation in the event is free and completely free of charge.

Each participant must comment on the social post relating to the contest published by Atalanta on the company’s official Instagram social channel ( ) by commenting and tagging three friends of legal age.

It will be at the sole discretion of Atalanta to choose the sole winning comment on the social platform (Instagram) of the contest through a random draw of comments.

It is understood that Atalanta reserves the right to organise, even during the same period of this event, further events that may not be combined with this promotional initiative.


Paragraph 6. Participants

All natural persons of age residing in Italy and abroad registered on the Facebook and Instagram websites


Paragraph 7. Giveaway

The prize consists of an exclusive meeting of the 4 contest winners (commentator + 3 ‘tagged’ friends) at the Cesare and Achille Bortolotti Sports Centre in Zingonia with some members of the Atalanta B.C. First Team.


Paragraph 8. Pick up of the Giveaway


Paragraph 9. Publicity

This event is promoted in the following ways:

  • Social Network (Instagram)


Paragraph 10. Publicity of these Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are visible at the following website: and


Paragraph 11. Changes to these Terms and Conditions or to the Event or its termination

Atalanta, save for the application of articles 1989, 1990 and 1991 of the Italian Civil Code, has the right, at any time and at its sole discretion, to modify these Terms and Conditions in whole or in part, provided that any right already acquired by any person is not breached, even minimally.

Any modification will be made publicly known in the same ways that these Terms and Conditions are made known.

Furthermore, Atalanta reserves the right to shorten, prolong, suspend or annul this event, at any time in case of a force majeure event that would render the continuation of this event impossible or particularly difficult. Atalanta will notify any such case in the same ways that these Terms and Conditions are made known.


Paragraph 12. Value of the Giveaways and deposit.

The total amount of the giveaways is zero, therefore this event is not subject to the Italian Decree D.P.R. no. 430 of 26 October 2001.


Paragraph 13. Miscellanea

Atalanta reserves the right, at its own discretion, to

– publish the data and contributions of the winners and participants;

– request from the winners and participants all the documents necessary to verify their data. Failure to provide or incomplete transmission of the documentation within 5 days of the request may result in exclusion from participation;

– Carry out the appropriate checks, possibly cancelling registrations, participations or winnings made, according to the unquestionable judgement of Atalanta, in the event that it detects discrepancies, non-compliance with these rules or applicable regulations, the use of means, methods and/or instruments deemed suspicious, fraudulent or in violation of the normal course of the initiative and, consequently, excluding from participation users who do not comply with the rules provided, possibly also cancelling any winnings already achieved;

– proceed, in the terms deemed most appropriate and in compliance with the laws in force, to limit and inhibit any initiative aimed at circumventing these regulations


Atalanta shall not be liable for:

– any failure to deliver the communication of the winning and/or any other communication made to the winners or participants also possibly due to the indication by the participants of incorrect and/or outdated data, non-existent/erroneous, unavailable or black-listed e-mail addresses, full or disabled mailboxes, unreachable servers, or anti-spam filters;

– problems of access, impediment, malfunction or difficulty regarding technical instruments, computers, telephone lines, cables, electronics, software and hardware, transmission and connection, internet connection, antivirus, anti-spam, firewalls or postal errors or any other cause beyond the control of Atalanta.

– Any failure to communicate and deliver the prize to the winner for reasons not directly attributable to Atalanta.


Please note that:

– participation implies the unconditional and total acceptance of the rules and clauses contained in these regulations without limitation.

– the prize is not exchangeable, nor convertible into cash, nor is any option given to the winners to request, with or without the addition of money, the possibility of receiving a different prize. Should the prize no longer be available, it will be replaced with a prize of similar value and possibly with similar characteristics.

– Internet connection costs depend on the tariff plan that the participant has signed with his operator


By taking part in the event, participants guarantee that they have all the rights to dispose of the uploaded contributions.

Contributions will not be accepted for participation (or may be deleted) if they are clearly in breach of the law, are in bad taste or contain content that is vulgar, obscene or offensive to morality or which in any way offends the sensibilities of others; have racist content or incite hatred or violence or contain false, inaccurate, misleading or fraudulent information; require or imply compensation; violate in any way the rights of third parties, including copyright; constitute a form of direct or indirect advertising of any commercial activity or profit-making activity or material on a theme other than that proposed.

All participants assign, free of charge, to Atalanta the exploitation rights, none excluded, relating to the contributions sent, in any location and through any technical means, for the whole world and for the maximum period provided for by current legislation on copyright, pursuant to and for the effects of the assignment of rights provided for in these regulations.

These rights are granted by the users in return for the possible publication of the contributions without Atalanta owing anything else.

In this regard, the participants give Atalanta the broadest guarantee and indemnity against all claims, including those of third parties. Contributions must not contain any element of a direct, indirect or subliminal advertising nature or purpose, or which may result in the violation of the personal or property rights of third parties, or of rules and/or regulations.


Paragraph 14. Applicable Laws

The laws of the European Union and of Italy.

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