Football Camp 2023: enrollments are now open

With the enrollment for the Atalanta Football Camp now officially open, we are once again ready and set to welcome all children, aged between 6 and 14, and to provide them with the chance to develop and hone their footballing skills under the guidance of trainers and educators directly from the black-and-blue Academy. The format of the project revolves around the first-hand conveyance of how much fun learning football through a proper training schedule actually entails, without withholding the most playful components in the process: these aspects are henceforth comprised within a unique and multi-faceted format, encompassing at once formative, educational and recreational experiences.

Registrations are open on the official webpage ATALANTACAMP.IT, where updates about available periods and locations will be posted on a regular basis.

Given the success of the latest edition, with over 2,500 children, between boys and girls, living unique and unforgettable experiences through the Atalanta Football Camp initiative in various locations throughout Italy, this year’s iteration will once again rely on a varied and eclectic formula, with the mainstay of Camps entirely dedicated to goalkeepers and Female football.

  • 07/03/2023
  • Football Camp