Gewiss Stadium: after the demolition, the first excavations

After being given the official green light at 13:15 CEST on Thursday, the 8th of June, it took Despe’s demolition machines less than a week to knock down both the Curva Sud Morosini and the Away Fan Zone of the Gewiss Stadium. To proficiently and effectively carry out such work of utmost precision, Despe deployed the the CAT 6015 Jumbo Demolition, one of the biggest demolition machines in the world.

Roberto Spagnolo, Atalanta BC’s Head of Operations and appointed coordinator of the Stadio Atalanta projects and construction site, commented as follows:

“As the demolition has been brought about in full compliance with the deadlines, Despe is now implementing the full disposal of all debris, a less “flamboyant” and more grueling task when compared to the demolition of both the Curva and the Away Fan Zone”.

Upon the disposal of all debris, construction works will carry on in full accordance with a strict timetable.

“Excavations are to begin next week and will entail the area adjacent to the Tribuna Rinascimento: by and large, the digging will revolve about setting into place the housing foundations for the pillars meant to sustain the prefabricated framework of the new Curva Sud Morosini”.

Simultaneously to all fabrication works set out for the construction of the new southern stands, additional work, equally crucial despite the less noticeable impact, is underway on the ground floor of the main stands:

“These works will bring about the decommissioning of the existent heating plant (currently located next to the first-aid point) and will open the way to a more efficient and streamlined system, to be placed beneath the Curva Sud Morosini upon its completion: from the 2024-2025 season, the water used to warm up the  pitch will be entirely provided through district heating (instead of the current diesel-fueled machinery). Being it  another step in the Club’s roadmap towards a more sustainable and efficient future, we also seized the chance to adapt and arrange all those areas both located on the ground floors and open to the general public”.

  • 20/06/2023
  • Gewiss Stadium
  • Stadium redevelopment