Brembo Top Sponsor of the Youth Academy until 2025

The partnership with the Bergamasco benchmark renewed

Atalanta BC and Brembo together again with renewed enthusiasm and mutual satisfaction: the Curno-based brand will don the title of Top Sponsor of the Youth Academy also for the next two sporting seasons (2023-2024 and 2024-2025). The conference room of the Mino Favini – Vedrai Lab Academy hosted the press conference to announce the partnership renewal, graced by the presence of Cristina Bombassei, Chief CSR Officer at Brembo, Luca Percassi and Roberto Samaden, respectively CEO and Head of the Youth Academy at Atalanta.

Among the main participants of the event, Roberto Cattaneo and Daniele Bettini, attending on Brembo’s behalf and, representing Atalanta, the Director General Umberto Marino and Marketing and Commercial Director Romano Zanforlin – together with the executives and coaches from the Academy.

It was Atalanta’s CEO Luca Percassi who ushered in the ceremony: “Today marks another crucial day in the history of Atalanta: this event is the tangible manifestation of how the most representative entrepreneurial entity of our local territory opted to strengthen its ties with Atalanta and their world, in a sign of how much the Bombassei family altogether deeply feels that sentiment of proximity to our common local roots and all the underlying values and beliefs of the Academy. I wish to reciprocate the closeness always showed by Cristina and her family with my most sincere affection and with my utmost gratitude”.

“For the seventh consecutive year, – Cristina Bombassei opened her welcoming address – Brembo will stand by Atalanta’s side: we have gathered here at the state-of-the-art training grounds in Zingonia, within the installation of the Academy named after Mino Favini, together with my longstanding friend Luca Percassi to announce with utmost pleasure the renewal of a partnership that is the pride and joy of all parties involved. I take this opportunity to extend my most heartfelt and intimate wishes to Roberto Samaden, whose renowned professionalism will surely bring continuity to the great job previously carried out by Maurizio Costanzi for the Atalanta Youth Sector during all these previous years. Ever since the 2017/18 season, Brembo and Atalanta’s Academy have been combining their joined-up efforts on the grounds of the shared beliefs and values that place the paramount social value of professional and competitive sports in the upbringing of all our youngsters”.

“I also wish – Cristina Bombassei cared to expatiate  – to convey my most sincere commendations, on behalf of both our President Emeritus Alberto Bombassei and our Executive President Matteo Tiraboschi, to the Percassi family and to the whole Atalanta family in unison. An excellent representation of the Bergamo territory, capable of both supervising the growth and taking care of the education of their up-and-comers. With many of them now being established players in the first team and other top European teams, Atalanta is one of the best football clubs not only in Italy but also on the international scene. In addition to being a partner of the entire Youth Academy, Brembo will once again support the team by setting up a special Brembo Prize, which will be awarded annually to the most deserving players from Atalanta’s Youth Academy on the grounds of scholastic, behavioural and professional criteria assessed by a sort of technical committee.”

Brembo’s Chief CSR Officer then wished to recall that one of the earliest winners of the award was a starlet of the first team: “As a further stimulus to all the kids and youngsters who have just entered the school year, I wish to remind you that, amidst the winners of the very first Premio Brembo, there was none other than that very same Giorgio Scalvini we all know today and that we hope will keep Italy’s and Atalanta’s banners high in the next Euros. Despite the variety of ways and operating industries, I can safely and proudly describe Brembo and Atalanta as two of the most emblematic specimens of that renowned Bergamasco entrepreneurial spirit so very capable of embodying and conveying worldwide all the best of what “Made in Italy” stands for. Once again, Brembo and Atalanta will join forces, hitting the pitch together as a team, to foster shared values such as: team spirit, fair play, selflessness, education, taste for new challenges and the nurturing of emerging talents”.

Not only will Brembo keep the title of Top Sponsor and feature on the back-shirt of all the Academy teams, but it will continue to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Club in the implementation of several initiatives aimed at the nurturing of the new generations. The renowned Premio Brembo stands out as the most prominent embodiment of the partnership: at the end of each season, the awards are bestowed to all those boys and girls, picked from the Academy sides, showcasing outstanding features in terms of fair play, commitment and academic performances as well.

From the words of Roberto Samaden: “This is an extraordinary opportunity, especially for all those off–the–pitch factors involved and that encompass key dimensions such as the bonds with the local territory and the educational grounding. For this reason, the technical staff of the competitive sector of our Academy is gathered here in full force; together with our educational psychologist Lucia Castelli, who is a major asset for our department on the grounds of her invaluable job carried out throughout all these years: her office allows all our lads to live a great experience, to train and live in a serene setting. It all makes a difference for everyone: regardless of their future career in professional football, all the lads that have intertwined their life paths with the Atalanta Academy will forever treasure all the lifelong experiences lived here. One of the founding values at the core of Atalanta’s framework lies in the nurturing of talents from the local territory: consequently, establishing positive synergies and networking with another leading company, regardless of the operational differences, can open up many beneficial opportunities for the our youngsters, enabling them to live many key growth experiences. I have always endorsed the Premio Brembo for its underlying beauty, on the grounds of both the message and the values at the core of this initiative: namely, how the human dimension, which is given the paramount attention, always prevails over the professional side. And this sentiment resonates deeply with the human heritage left by Mino Favini”.

  • 26/09/2023
  • Brembo
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