EURO2020, five Atalanta players scored

Seven Nerazzurri goals in the competition

Record matched for Atalanta at EURO2020: in fact, the Nerazzurri team have become the fourth club in history to have 5 players on the scoresheet in a single European championship.

After Anderlecht (1984), Barcellona (2000) and Real Madrid (2012), now it’s the turn of Atalanta to enshrine their name in this special hall of fame.

The five Nerazzurri players, for a total of seven goals scored in the competition, are: Aleksey Miranchuk, who scored the first Nerazzurri goal at EURO2020, Matteo Pessina, who scored against Wales as well as against Austria, Robin Gosens, who was on the scoresheet against Portugal, Joakim Mæhle, who scored against Russia and Wales, and Mario Pašalić who scored against Spain.

Photo credits © UEFA

  • 30/06/2021
  • Aleksey Miranchuk
  • Matteo Pessina
  • Robin Gosens
  • Joakim Mæhle
  • Mario Pašalić
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